Hotel Park Allé

Hotel Park Allé


Explore Kristianstad – A city rich in culture and adventure. Feel free to ask us if you want more tips!

Safari Boat on Helge å

In the summertime, you can take a memorable safari boat tour on the Helge River and discover nature from a unique perspective.

Hotellpaket - Hotel Park Allé

Embark on an adventure and hike along the Skåne Trail, experience the changing beauty of nature and enjoy fresh air and beautiful surroundings.

Regionmuseet and Artillerimuseet

Get a glimpse into the region's history at the Regional Museum and explore fascinating military history at the Artillery Museum.

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Heliga Trefaldighetskyrkan

Visit the impressive Holy Trinity Church and be enchanted by its architectural beauty and historical significance.

Kristianstad Arena

Experience the thrill of a handball match in the home arena of the multiple Swedish champions, Kristianstad Arena, just a short walk from the hotel.

Om oss - Hotell Park Allé
Tivoliparken and Hälsoträdgården

Explore Tivoli Park and enjoy the tranquility of the Health Garden, a peaceful place where the town's beautiful theater also finds its place.

Hotel Park Allé

With us, we want you to feel at home. Welcome to our home, right in the heart of central Kristianstad.

Formerly Hotel Duxiana Kristianstad.

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